Your Rotary Club can earn a Rotary Citation for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary and your club. 
Clubs that are strong and making a positive difference in our communities achieve goals related to Rotary’s three strategic priorities: to support and strengthen clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service, and enhance Rotary’s public image and awareness.
Goals include activities such as increasing club membership, developing sustainable service projects, giving to The Rotary Foundation, and building awareness of Rotary in your community.

Rotary clubs that achieve the goals listed in the Rotary Citation Brochure by the end of the Rotary year will earn the Citation. All activities need to be completed, submitted, and processed in the Rotary database by 30 June.

It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT YOU NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF JUNE to enter information or submit The Rotary Foundation donations. It takes Rotary time to fully process some items so the earlier they are submitted the better. In particular donations to The Rotary Foundation - they need to be submitted early enough to allow time for processing or they will not be reflected in the totals as of the end of June.


  • Rotary Club Central is used to set goals, track service projects, and record volunteer hours.
  • Some items must be reported using Rotary Showcase to qualify.
  • Many items are automatically tracked by Rotary (member information, The Rotary Foundation giving, etc.)
  • Use the tools provided by Rotary - Rotary Citation Achievement Guides, Rotary Citation Reports, Rotary Citation Dashboard, etc.