The report showing the Club Profile standings as of the end of May, 2019 has been posted. That is the last report that will be posted before the awards are presented at the District Conference.
The Club Profile program of Rotary District 5650 is used to determine the progress of the clubs in the district in various activities and programs of Rotary. It is the basis for the Top 10 Clubs awards. Standings are posted monthly*.
Information about the program is posted on the website page - Club Profile Program (click here).
Emails were sent to Club Officers outlining the deadlines and criteria.
Those emails served as notification to all clubs of all of the criteria and requirements for the Rotary Citation and Club Profile Programs. Each club is responsible for reviewing all of the details on the District Website. Each club is responsible for sharing with the appropriate members and entering the data is outlined.
The emails are posted to the Club Profile Program page as a review of what was sent.
*the last standings report for the Rotary Year is not posted until after the awards presentation at the District Conference.