On July 6, we are invited to participate in an event that is both inspirational and a way to help grow our membership. It is with an organization called Playmakers.
This was started in Sacramento as a camp for underserved youth, at risk youth and those with special needs.  A second camp was started in Buffalo, NY and now they are planning a camp in Omaha.  
I, along with several Rotarians throughout the District, have met with Coach Greg Roeszler (Coach Roz), Executive Director and Founder of Playmakers, about bringing this program to Omaha. The connection to Omaha comes from Omaha Millard West graduate, Harrison Phillips.  Harrison is now an NFL player for the Buffalo Bills and has participated in the camps in Buffalo. He wants to make a difference in his hometown.  He will be at the Omaha event.
The way Rotary fits in: Coach Roz is a Rotarian and has counted on the Rotary clubs in both Sacramento and Buffalo to act as support during the camps, via mentoring, playing games with the kids, etc. His goal is to have Rotarians bring guests who would be potential new members. This would highlight the good things that we do as Rotarians – make a difference and have fun.
Here is the event flyer and you can click here to review the Playmakers website.
Please let me know if you are interested in being part of this amazing day!
DG Julie