Rotary District 5650 Club Profile Program

NOTE: The 2019-20 criteria was adjusted 5-12-20. Rotary District 5650 recognizes that clubs and activities have been impacted by the pandemic. The maximum expected projects, and numbers to reach each level level, were reduced by 25%. All other guidelines such as timing of reporting remain.
(See the links on the left to review the criteria specific to each Rotary Year and see the standings reports.)
The Club Recognition Profile program of Rotary District 5650 is the program used to determine the progress of the clubs in the district in various activities and programs of Rotary.
Every Rotary Club plays an important part in the success of Rotary! The Club Profile Program helps to measure a club's progress . . . therefore the District's success . . . and furthermore the success of Rotary International.


The Profile program determines the "Top Ten Clubs" in the District that are recognized at the Annual District Conference of Rotary District 5650 and is used to assist in determining the Outstanding Clubs and Club Presidents. The reports through May are posted immediately. The final report for the Rotary Year (the June report) is not posted until after the presentation of awards for the Rotary Year.



Electronic Reporting

All information will be taken from online records including Rotary Club Central (at and the records at Rotary International for Membership and The Rotary Foundation.
The information as posted by Rotary International as of the end of June is used for Membership and Foundation. It is the club's responsibility to submit Foundation giving early enough, and enter membership changes early enough, to allow acceptance and processing by Rotary International.

Categories and Basic Criteria

     - Goal Setting - points for setting goals 9-30
     - Points for net members added to your Club
     - Points per member based on club size
     - Because of changes in Rotary International reports, the membership will
        be from the 1st of one month to the 1st of the next (not from the 1st
        through month end)
The Rotary Foundation
     - Goal Setting for Annual Giving and Polio - points for setting goals by 9-30
     - Annual Giving points per capita - higher points for higher giving
     - Polio Plus Giving points per capita - points given at $26.50 per capita
Attendance at District Events
     - Points based on full day paid event registration for members and guests
     - Points per member in attendance at Conference based on club size
     - Points per member in attendance at Assembly or One Rotary Summit based on club Size
     - Points will be based on events that occur during the Rotary Year:
          - Conference July/August
          - PETS Spring
          - Assembly or One Rotary Summit Spring
          - RLI and Other (District Event added) during the Rotary Year as they occur 
Service Projects
     - Points based on a set number of projects based on club size
     - record all club activities* using Rotary Club Central   
     - projects that qualify for points on the profile* include
          - service projects marked "achieved"
          - fundraisers are not projects; however the activities supported with those funds are projects
          - club social events are not projects
          - projects count once - recurring, repeat activities count once; projects with multiple stages count once; simply add volunteers and hours to the project entered (even if already marked achieved) as they occur
          - supporting RYLA students counts as a project
          - sponsoring a Youth Exchange student counts as a project
          - projects must be entered in a timely manner to qualify - marked achieved within 30 days of completion of the project
New Rotary Clubs
     - Adjusted tracking will apply for new Rotary Clubs for the first partial year
     - Goal Setting - points will be given if goals are set within 3 months from charter date
     - Membership points will be 1 point per member    
     - Attendance at PETS and Assembly or One Rotary Summit will be given at the mid-point if the events occur prior to charter
     - Service Projects - to get maximum points - 1 per full quarter after charter date
* For the purpose of the Rotary Citation, enter all club activities with volunteer hours and funds provided; for the club profile program we will sort out fundraisers, socials, etc. and give credit for service projects only

Criteria Details

For details about point breaks and club sizes applied to each category, see the links on the left.