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Important Dates – All Clubs and Projects are Subject to Adherence to these Dates
May 31 App Due
RI Approval Prior To Project Start;
not prior to July 1
Dec 31 Progress Report
Mar 31 Final Report
  1. Applications for District Grant Projects will be entered by the clubs through the District Website grants module
    1. click here to go to Admin Page
    2. Logon is Required
    3. Use links at the top to go to Grants then Submit Grant or My Club Grants to view or update once entered
  2. Clubs must first be certified to have access to the online application (see below)
  3. Members must be certified to get access to the online application to enter a district grant project application; those members must participate in a GMS
  4. Application, reports, supporting documents, etc. will be attached through the District Website online application module screens by the Clubs
  5. Review the Rotary International Terms and Conditions for guidelines and restrictions including, but not limited to these restrictions . . . funds cannot be used for . . .
    1. the purchase of land or buildings
    2. reimbursement for expenses previously incurred
    3. supporting fundraising in any way
    4. unrestricted cash donations to a beneficiary
    5. Review the Terms and Conditions for all restrictions and other guidelines
  6. District 5650 has added these criteria for District Grant Projects
    1. Local community projects only - projects must be conducted in, and for the benefit of, communities in District 5650
    2. Scholarships for high school students to attend college are ineligible
    3. Projects must provide service to a group - they are not intended for support of an individual
    4. unrestricted donations not allowed – capital campaign, funds in advance to purchase items as needed
  7. Detailed financial documentation is required, including receipts for every individual item purchased
  8. Amounts for District Grant Projects
    1. 1.50:1 Club Contribution / District Match
    2. Single Club District Grant Projects
      1. $1,500 from club for Maximum Match (Clubs can invest more but the max match will be $2,250)
      2. $500 - Minimum Amount from Club (matched of $750 to make a $1,250 project)
    3. Multi-Club District Grant Projects
      1. $9,000 Maximum Match (Clubs can invest more than $6,000 but the max match will be $9,000)
        1. $2,250 - Maximum Match is basis (Clubs can invest more but the max match will be $2,250)
        2. at least 4 Clubs must participate in order to receive the maximum match
        3. if 3 Clubs, the maximum match would be $6,750, 2 Clubs, max would be $4,500
        4. No maximum for any club – just a maximum for the project
        5. $300 Minimum from any Club
  9. In the event that clubs request more total funds from the District Designated Fund than is available in any year, grants will be considered on a competitive basis. Criteria that may be used to select projects may include, but is not limited to:
    1. Adhering to one or more of the ‘Areas of Focus’ designated by the Rotary International Foundation.
    2. Clubs with multiple applications may be asked to prioritize them for reduced funding or elimination.
    3. New projects may be given priority.
    4. The club’s 3-year average for per capita giving to the annual fund will be considered by the committee, as support of the Foundation is critical to its ongoing success and ability to award grants.


Click here for a downloadable copy of this information.
1.    All Clubs must get certified each Rotary Year to participate in any grant (District, Global).
a.    All Clubs, including the lead Club and any participating Clubs, must meet all of the certification requirements.
b.    Certification qualifications are for one Rotary Year only.
c.    The Rotary year is July 1 through June 30.
2.    Certification requirements include:
a.    Memorandum of Understanding - complete  all fields and submit
b.    Club must submit goals on Rotary Club Central for Membership, giving to the Annual Fund, and  giving to Polio Plus
c.    Adherence to all The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and District requirements
d.    The club must be current on all reports, payments and tax filings
e.    Grants Management Seminar (GMS)
1)    At least 2 Club Members must participate in the GMS for the current year to certify club
2)   RECOMMENDED - Club Presidents, Club Treasurers, Treasurers of Club Foundations should participate in a GMS to ensure understanding of the financial requirements including the separate account required for managing all funds for the project.
4)    REQUIRED - members completing grant applications must participate in a GMS
5)    GMS events for 2024-25 will all be by webinar and are tentatively set. Register using these links:
4).   You must participate in the entire seminar to get credit.
5).   Additional Details to follow


For basic information about The Rotary Foundation, click the photo. For more details, logon to rotary.org/myrotary.