Inbound Student Resources

The selection, screening and preparation of "outbound" exchange student candidates is the responsibility of each sending or sponsoring Rotary District, although a uniform application form has been developed for this purpose by Rotary International. After the District 5650 Youth Exchange Committee agrees to accept an "inbound" exchange student and one of our Rotary clubs agrees to host and support that student, the inbound student must agree to comply with this District's rules, regulations, and guidelines as a condition of the exchange. To assure a complete understanding of these conditions, the District 5650 Committee provides a comprehensive orientation to its inbound students shortly after their arrival. Even before the student's arrival, the Youth Exchange Committee establishes and maintains communications with its counterparts in the exchanging district. It also contacts the inbound students before their arrival and during their year here.

The information on this page provides the background and forms required by inbound students and their parents.