Clubs in Rotary District 5650 are asked to share information about events if those events are open to everyone (such as fundraisers) or will impact district leadership (such as District Governor). Event information can be posted to the District Calendar and the District Website. 
Send your information to
The latest / new Rotary Brand is to be used.
Flyers and Images will be posted to the website; we can provide assistance for creating those items.
Club Milestone Anniversaries will also be featured on the Home Page of the District Website.
You can see the latest information on the Spotlight on Clubs page on the District Website - click here.
All clubs are asked to post an article and link to the Spotlight on Clubs page on their websites and newsletters to help support the events of all clubs in the District.
Want to invite other clubs directly? Clubs with ClubRunner Subscriptions can send emails to the Club Executives of all clubs in the District. All Clubs have access to the email information for Club Executives using the District Directory page of the District website (logon required).
Please do not post items that are intended primarily for your Club such as Club Meetings or Activities that are not open to the public or others in the District. Also, if the District has already posted an item, please do not also post it as a Club event.