When COVID first hit, the District established a grant to help offset the costs of using Zoom.   We will be extending that grant through the 2022-2023 Rotary year. 
What it covers is:
  • The base Zoom subscription for one year.   Please remember to use the Rotary discount code (ROTARYZOOM).
  • Add on for up to 500 concurrent users.  Clubs must demonstrate need to apply for this specific discount. 
To get reimbursed for your subscription, submit your Zoom invoice to Gary Bren, District Treasurer (gbren@brenonline.com).   In the case of the 500 concurrent user upgrade, please discuss this with Gary prior to making the purchase to validate it’s eligible for the grant.   
If you have any questions on this, reach out to Gary, Carol Horner, or Barb Bartle.