The annual meeting of Rotary District 5650 will be held June 27, 2019. This will be an online meeting and clubs are to name voting delegates for the meeting.
Each club needs to select delegates to represent the club and its membership at the meeting.  Per the District 5650 bylaws, each club is allowed one delegate per each 25 members. Any club with 25 or less members gets a single delegate.  For a fraction of 25, the delegate count is rounded up or down to the nearest multiple of 25.  For example, a club with 37 members gets one delegate and a club with 38 gets two. 
- - names need to be submitted to to be recognized as delegates; Club Secretaries are responsible for submitting delegate names
- - send delegate names as soon as possible; final date & time for submitting delegate names is June 26 at 7:00 PM CST (24 hours before the meeting)
- - delegates also need to register for the meeting (click here to register)
- - registering for the meeting through the link alone does not put a member on the delegate list; only those on the delegate list (submitted as shown above) will be able to vote during the annual meeting
- - delegates can proxy their vote to another delegate in their club; the proxy information also needs to be submitted to
The following items will be voted on at this year’s meeting:
  • Review of 2017-2018 financial results
  • Approval of a 2019-2020 District Budget, District Youth Exchange Committee Budget, and RLI Budget.
  • Setting the per capita District dues for the next fiscal year.
  • Election of the District Governor, District Governor-elect, and District Governor-nominee.
  • Consideration of all resolutions that have been properly submitted.
  • Other business as shall properly come before the Annual Meeting.