Help Rotary Help Your Club!

Knowing our current Rotary Membership helps us in the future. Using current demographics we can analyze and project the make up of our Club membership and therefore the state of Rotary International.
The graph shown here is for our district - but it is not accurate. There are 392 members without birth date information entered on their ClubRunner profile.
You can help by providing accurate birth dates for all members.
- - enter birth dates (including year) into Member Profiles on ClubRunner (either the District website or your Club website for clubs with ClubRunner subscriptions); members can logon and enter or Club Administrators can enter for members
- - Privacy settings need to be set to "opt in" for the birth date information to synchronize between ClubRunner and Rotary International
You can get a report of the age distribution for your club or information about the number of members who have not reported birthdays. Contact for assistance with reports and detailed information.
Though Rotary does not require that you enter a birth date for any member, it is encouraged. And Rotary District 5650 agrees that it is important. 
It is important for the members to know that this birth date information is kept confidential. Individual birth dates cannot be viewed by other members. 
We all know that people in different age groups have different values and desires - we are not all motivated by the same things. For any organization to thrive, it is important to know your customer/member base, project your future, and adapt what you offer to meet those changing needs. Any organization that does not do this will lose existing customers/members and will not be able to attract new ones - the organization will not survive.
Rotary has been reviewing and analyzing member gender and age demographics. There have been changes in club meeting options and member types to address the changing membership base. That is also why there is less emphasis on things like attendance and classification.
Rotary will continue to adapt - accurate information will help guide the changes.