While the power of Rotary is in the local clubs, there is strength in numbers. The Rotary clubs of Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa are members of District 5650, which provides leadership, representation, and direction.
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What’s the image that people in your city have of Rotary? Do they think you’re mostly a group that meets for breakfast or lunch each week? Are they aware of what you do in your community? Do they have any idea of the international impact we have as Rotarians?
Rotary has created a calendar that includes a monthly focus. This provides a guide for Clubs to use to help members understand the programs of Rotary and the Areas of Focus for our causes.
We periodically hear about events that may be of interest to Rotarians that are not coordinated by our District or a Club in our District. These could be from anywhere in the world. We will share their invitations and ideas here. Stories without specific dates are listed at the end of the article.
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